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Good home

Offers fireplaces, electric stoves.

Phone: +7 (4862) 76-10-29, 76-25-43

Address: Orel, Victory Boulevard, 2 (map)


We give you great selection of equipment materials for the construction of baths and saunas.

Phone: +7 (4862) 77-90-55

Address: Orel, ul. Karachev, 68 (map)

Territory bath

"Territory bath" offers a wide range of products for baths and saunas heaters sauna from different manufacturers.

Phone: +7 (4712) 54-98-23

Address: Kursk, TC "Intercession", ul. B. Meadow, 6 (map)

Fireplaces Bryansk

Products: accessories for the bath

wood stoves for bath



stove fireplaces




Phone: +7 (4832) 58-61-22

Address: Bryansk, st. Red Army, 71, 5th floor (map)

All for bath and sauna

Sale of electric fireplaces and for baths and saunas. Low prices of high quality.

Phone: +7 (4832) 52-35-89

Address: Bryansk, st. Kromskaya, 50 (map)


The company is pleased to offer you a wide range of modern, high quality fireplaces, furnaces and kilns.

Phone: +7 (4832) 51-57-81

Address: Bryansk, st. Ulyanov, d. 31a (map)


We produce and sell in 100 cities in wood stoves for saunas, heaters, heating stoves and fireplaces. Surprisingly reliable, modern, beautiful stove for baths, sauna stoves, heaters, stoves and fireplaces from the company Teplodar.

Phone: +7 (4722) 23-10-07

Address: Belgorod, ul. Trunk 4 (Satellite Home) module, d. 120, 2nd Floor (map)


We deal with: the design, assembly and installation of swimming pools and saunas. We use modern equipment of leading Russian and foreign manufacturers. An electric furnace.

Phone: +7 (4722) 58-48-12

Address: Belgorod, stop. Esenina (on Shchorsa), a magician. "The Lord" (map)


The firm "Hephaestus" is a supplier of furnaces, fireplaces, furnaces, ovens for sauna world`s leading manufacturers

Phone: +7 (4842) 72-36-05

Address: Kaluga, Living World, 2 (map)


We are engaged in trade, a complete set of saunas.

Phone: +7 (4842) 75-12-26

Address: Kaluga, street barricades, 6 (map)

Salon-shop "Comfort Fireplace"

Our showroom store specializes in selling complete set of baths and saunas, ranging from the oven and finishing bath accessories.

Phone: +7 (4872) 25-09-04

Address: Tula ul.Mosina, 29, Frunze Fair at TC "Master", 2nd Floor, 237 boutique (map)

Five Star, LLC

A wide choice of fireplaces, stoves for baths and saunas

Phone: +7 (4872) 36-86-32

Address: Tula Str. Dm.Ulyanova, 2 (map)

Shop "Fireplaces"

TC "Country House" is pleased to offer you a wide range of stoves and fireplaces.

Phone: +7 (4742) 283-243

Address: Lipetsk, Victory Avenue 20b (map)

Shop "Fireplaces"

Shop "Fireplaces" offers you to buy stoves and fireplaces

Phone: +7 (4742) 283-243

Address: Lipetsk, Pobeda 59A (map)

Territory bath

"Territory bath" offers a wide range of products for baths and saunas heaters sauna from different manufacturers.

Phone: +7 (4742) 78-17-54

Address: Lipetsk, Victory Avenue, d.61b (map)

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