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Clothes. Westland. Be together

Phone: +7 (4725) 460374

Address: Stary Oskol, Green Valley mc, 1 (map)


Clothing, footwear, household goods, all for children, gifts, souvenirs, sporting goods

Phone: +7 (4725) 410441, (4725) 445339

Address: Stary Oskol, st. 15 Lenin (map)

Oskolsky store

The widest range of products for the home: Clothing, footwear, textiles, glassware, cosmetics and household chemicals.

Phone: +7 (4725) 221504

Address: Stary Oskol, st. January 9, 14v/68 (map)


Hypermarket: cosmetics, perfumes, clothing and footwear, food court, an entertainment center

Phone: +7 (4725) 409432, (4725) 409429, (4725) 409427

Address: Stary Oskol Olminskogo MCR, 17 (map)


Shopping center: Clothing, footwear, cosmetics, baby products, sporting goods, bridal salon, and computers.

Phone: +7 (4725) 25-89-06

Address: Stary Oskol, Green Valley mc, 2A (map)

Three Whales

Manufacture and sale of clothing

Phone: +7 (48134) 6-13-03

Address: Roslavl Street. Proletarian, 42 (map)


Clothing store

Phone: +7 (48134) 6-40-92

Address: Roslavl Street. Proletarian, 89 (map)


Men`s and women`s, children`s clothes. Great choice.

Phone: +7 (47396)5-30-00

Address: Rossosh, etc. Work, 1 (map)


Wide selection. Manufacture and sale of clothing. Perfume companies. Perfumery and cosmetics.

Phone: +7 (48131) 5-05-14

Address: Vyazma Street. 25 October, 1 (map)


Wide selection. Reasonable prices. Manufacture and sale of clothing.

Phone: +7 (48131) 4-21-32

Address: Vyazma Street. 25 October, 1 (map)


Stylish clothes for sale.

Phone: +7 (49664) 4-50-71

Address: Stupino, Pobeda, d 29/38 (map)


A rich selection of women`s and men`s clothing, jeans, suits, underwear. Reasonable prices.

Phone: +7 (47545) 5-73-00

Address: Michurinsk Street. International, 33 (map)


Stylish, comfortable and affordable clothing.

Phone: +7 (49634) 3-57-51

Address: Naro-Fominsk, pl. Liberty, 13 (map)

Sirius SC

Large range of stylish and quality clothing for men and little wife.

Phone: +7 (49634) 3-72-65

Address: Naro-Fominsk, pl. Liberty, 7 (map)


Shop apparel, shoes and accessories. Great choice.

Phone: +7 (495) 645 8405

Address: Klimovsk Street. Victory, 2 / 18 (map)

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