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Brick Company

Wholesale and retail all kinds of building materials: bricks, concrete products, gas silicate blocks, cement, paving tiles, roofing materials, metal roofing, slate roofing material and insulation materials: mineral wool, basalt, glass.

Phone: +7 (4832) 92-96-90 92-96-08

Address: Bryansk, pos. Suponevo Street. Shoseynaya, 19 (map)



Building Materials



Heating, plumbing


Paints, varnishes

Wallpaper and decor

Lighting Fixtures:

Power Tools and ventilation



Phone: +7 (4722) 42-10-18

Address: Belgorod, ul. Constantine Zaslonova, d. 175 (map)


In the construction hypermarket products are the following divisions:

- Wallpapers, decor,

- Varnishes and paints;

- Dry mixes and building materials;

- Millwork,

- Plumbing,

- Heating and plumbing;

- Garden-garden;

- Hardware,

- Tiles,

- Floor coverings;

- Power and ventilation;

- Elektrosvetotehnika.

Phone: +7 (4722) 24-86-25, +7 (919) 288-57-75

Address: Belgorod, ul. Korochanskaya, d. 439a (map)


Building blocks of lightweight aggregate. Tula. Moscow.

Phone: +7-919-077-7791

Address: 301 361, Tul., Alexin Street. Pioneer, 39 (map)


Sale of cinder block

Low prices on cinder block

Phone: +7 (8182) 29-33-34

Address: 163 025, Arkhangelsk, ul. Victory, 43 L (map)

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