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Ready mirrors for home, office or business. Production, processing and selling all kinds of mirrors.

Phone: +7 (4862) 43-54-28

Address: Orel, ul. Turgenev, 42 (map)


Custom-built furniture. Prior to making all the furniture is made in computer design project three-dimensional projection, scale, and with all the size that you have adopted. Metering, delivery, installation is free.

Phone: +7 (4832) 72-16-08

Address: Bryansk, st. Arsenal, 29 (map)


Our company offers you a high quality furniture from leading manufacturers of cabinet, upholstered and office furniture. The mirror.

Phone: +7 (4842) 222-04-31

Address: 248 001, Kaluga, ul. Kirova 27 (map)


Furniture store "Balerika" will help you solve all the problems associated with the creation of a special interior, offering a wide range of furniture. The mirror.

Phone: +7 (4842) 57-31-18

Address: Kaluga, ul. Lenin, 73 (map)


Salon of Italian furniture.

The mirror.

Phone: +7 (4742) 36-49-49, 36-48-36

Address: Lipetsk, pl. Factory 1 (map)

"Patterned Glass"

The company currently offers over 50 types of patterned glass, mirror, float glass, as well as fashionable glass furniture.

Phone: +7 (4812) 55-71-37

Address: 214 018, Smolensk, ul. Kirov Str., 38 (map)


We offer a wide range of furniture for the home. The mirror.

Phone: +7 (4912) 20-62-93

Address: Ryazan, ul. Kuibyshev Shosse 25, page 17 (map)


Salon "Bourgeois" can offer you furniture from leading Russian and European manufacturers. Mirrors.

Phone: +7 (4912) 95-01-21

Address: Ryazan Yablochkov travel, 4b (map)

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