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Sale of wire and cable.

Phone: +7 (4862) 70-18-65

Address: Orel, ul. Machine Building, 6 (map)

Schneider Electric

Incandescent bulbs, sockets and wiring. Lighting system.

Phone: +7 (4725) 436306

Address: Stary Oskol, st. Oakwood 1st quarter-liter, 54 TC Buildmarket, of.11 (map)


Supply of electrical products, electrical work

Phone: +7 (4725) 445688, (4725) 221552

Address: Stary Oskol, January 9, 14V/68 (map)

ABC Electric

Sale of wire, cable products. Wide selection.

Phone: +7 (47467) 6-4430

Address: Yelets Street. Ordzhonikidze, 42 (map)


Electrical goods, cables, wires, cables, wires, lighting fixtures. Cheaply.

Phone: +7 (47396) 51471

Address: Rossosh Street. Leo Tolstoy 77 (map)

Voronezh Cable Company

Cables, wires, lamps, voltage stabilizers - for sale.

Phone: +7 (473) 270-98-70

Address: Voronezh, st. Road 24, off. 6 (map)


Wholesale and retail elektrosvetotehniki: wire, cable, lighting fixtures.

Phone: +7 (473) 256-03-16

Address: Voronezh, st. Basic 2 (map)


Sale of cable, wire products. A wide range of products. Cheaply.

Phone: +7 (4967) 76-01-17

Address: Serpukhov, Moscow ul.1-I, 44 (map)


Large selection of cable and wires.

Phone: +7 (48143) 3-32-03

Address: Yartsevo Street. 5th Foundry, Bldg. 12 (map)


Constructive store building materials. In our shop always affordable prices. The system of discounts. We work with each client individually. All products in our shop Russian manufacturer, wire and cable.

Phone: +7 (926) 6809293

Address: Klimovsk Street. Lenina 1, CMH (map)


Chameleon store building materials. Our hardware store offers a wide range of oil paints, coatings, foams and sealants, wire and cable.

Phone: +7 (499) 400-55-89

Address: Klimovsk Street. Victory, 3, TRK Chameleon (map)

Tex Company

"YUALEKS" store building materials. The store building materials and services represented by the proposal of the Russian and foreign companies for the supply of decoration and building materials, wire and cable.

Phone: +7 (495) 544-57-80

Address: Klimovsk Street. Industrial, 5 (map)



Phone: +7 (495) 7396143

Address: Domodedovo, st. The station, 3, and ATP-21 (map)

Energocomplekt MF LLC

Energocomplekt MF LLC

Phone: +7 (495) 5807714

Address: Domodedovo, st. Industrial, 1 (map)


Large selection of wire and cable products.

Phone: +7 (495) 541-70-33

Address: Vidnoe Street. School, 78 (map)

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